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How to Purchase an Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring is a fascinating time in anybody’s life. It marks a gorgeous and monumental event: you have found someone amazing, fell in love, and are all set to devote your life together. Congratulations! Now is the time to purchase a ring, then get on one knee, and begin this remarkable new experience.

But after you start shopping, you might find that figuring out how to purchase an engagement ring is not straightforward. There’s so much to consider about–diamond dimensions, style, price, clarity–and that is before you even look at popping the question itself! It is no wonder that this procedure leaves many a shopper’s mind spinning.

In Brilliance, we would like to assist you in discovering the perfect engagement ring to the special someone–and we would like to make it easy for you, too! If you observe our useful guide, you will have the ability to detect the ring of her dreams with confidence and purchase it without even breaking a sweat.

The Engagement Ring Budget

We asked Dan from Daniel Charles Photography to advise on how to decide on a wedding ring budget and he added that after you decide you are going to propose, you will have to take into account your engagement ring funding. This depends from person to person, as everyone’s financial situation differs. On the other hand, the most usual guideline is to invest at least a month’s wages on the ring. Bear in mind; this ring is (hopefully) going to endure life; therefore it’s fine to splurge a bit. However, the main rule is to remain within your means. Do not feel pressured or tricked into paying more than you’re comfortable spending.

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Don’t be surprised if you spent too much which is out of your budget. The engagement ring is a sign of your love, and most of the time our eyes have been attracted to the diamonds which our pockets can’t afford. We propose creating a tiered budget, and that means you’ve got a little wiggle room to research higher-costing rings. Who knows? You may get the perfect ring only out that two-months window.

If your budget is strictly restricted, do not be worried about it. Diamonds are priced proportionally based on several elements, which means there’ll be amazing stones at each carat size. Allow the jeweller understand what you’re searching for, and do not be afraid to be firm regarding the cost. You are bound to get the diamond for the bride-to-be. You only need to stick to this budget and test out many different fashions.

The Center Diamond

When you first begin hunting, almost all diamonds look the same; they are sparkly, white, and either round or square. But while you might not observe the gap, the partner you are purchasing for probably will. Bear in mind, searching for an engagement ring isn’t the opportunity to concentrate on your tastes. Instead, take additional care to locate something that you know she will adore.

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For decades, round cut and princess cut diamonds have mastered the engagement ring globe. Round diamonds are, of course, cut into a round shape, with 58 facets. The high number of facets from the rock reflect light and give the rock its glow. In actuality, the brilliant round diamond is considered the most sparkly cut now. This could be why this fashion accounts for an incredible 70 percent of diamond sales. By way of instance, tennis superstar Andy Roddick suggested to model Brooklyn Decker using a round cut diamond.

The princess cut is a square shape, with between 49 and 58 aspects. Lady Kate Bosworth wears a princess cut diamond ring. Both of these stones are, without doubt, the hottest diamond designs available now, but there are various additional styles increasing in popularity; pillow cuts (such as the one Kanye gave Kim) along with emerald cuts (such as the one Amal Clooney wears) has made big waves in the past couple of decades.

As you’re taking a look at the rings, then pay attention to the sort of jewellery your girlfriend wears. Look at her palms to make sure the perfect kind of diamond that suits her finger. Request her friends or relatives for hints based on things she has told them. Finally, all this sleuthing can allow you to find the one diamond that she’ll cherish the rest of her life.

The Ring Setting

Finding the perfect diamond isn’t the end of your engagement ring search. Whether you are purchasing loose diamonds or some preset ring, the setting is a valuable part of the end appearance. You can get creative with all the ring in this phase. Would you like gemstones across the ring for a pop of colour? Do you desire a halo around your bead–perhaps to earn a little stone look bigger? There are lots of unique alternatives, so be certain that you’ve examined a couple of distinct settings before making your final choice.

You will also have to choose the form of metal you would like for the ring. Nowadays, your options include metals such as platinum and palladium to several colours of gold (white, yellow, or rose). Which one should you select? This is a time when paying close attention to a girlfriend jewellery is useful. If she exclusively wears white and silver gold, then stick with that metal. If she combines it up, you’ve got a bit more liberty–although most jewellery experts say you should use the alloy which finest matches her skin tone (yellowish gold to get warm tones, white gold/platinum for cool tones, and rose gold looks great on everybody).

You might have noticed that I said white gold and gold in the same group. Why is this, you ask? The two alloys look incredibly similar, which makes them a fantastic selection for anybody who favours silver-toned jewellery. But, there’s a big difference in how these are created, in addition to how much they cost.

Platinum jewellery includes pure alloy, with approximately 95% platinum at the atmosphere. This produces the ring more lasting, as platinum is among the hardest metals in the world. On the flip side, white gold is frequently blended with other metals. By way of instance, an 18-carat gold ring comprises 75% gold. However, there’s a benefit to buying a white gold ring above a platinum person: they are usually less expensive than platinum settings. The metal you select will depend on your finances, but both choices award you a gorgeous setting.

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Shopping Smart

Purchasing an engagement ring may be an emotional moment. You are spending plenty of cash on something which carries plenty of symbolic value; therefore it is just natural to wish to guard your purchase at all price tag. But how will you know whether you’re buying from a trustworthy jeweller? Start looking for their credentials and certificates. Paying attention to this tiny detail just might save you a colossal headache later on.

Before making any purchases, then read up about the jeweller you are using. Most jewellers re-evaluate their diamonds and diamonds using the AGS (American Gemological Society) and also the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The GIA is the jewellery industry’s most trusted lab, and also the AGS is a close second. Be certain that you receive a certification with your diamond affirming that your stone is the actual thing. And make certain it comes from a legitimate third party grading lab.

Some jewellers offer you uncertified diamonds, typically at a lower price. This occurs for a variety of reasons: that the diamonds might be lower-quality, they are trade-ins from estate bits (that might not have been ethically sourced), or so the shopper might just be not able to pay the certificate fee. Though uncertified diamonds are somewhat more economical, it is better to stay with certified stones to be able to guarantee the highest quality diamond for the prospective bride.

Additionally, Roger from Shutterbliss Wedding Photography suggested that you should ensure to speak with your shop about their return policy. Although you might not expect it, there might be a circumstance where you’re want to send the ring back or swap it for another one. This final, precautionary measure only might save you a huge trouble if something unexpected happens.

Ultimately, get insurance for your ring. This may come from the homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance, or an independent jewellery insurance provider.

You have purchased an engagement ring! Congratulations with this exciting thing in your life, and congrats on locating a remarkably lovely ring. Get out there and begin thinking that perfect suggestion!